Store Editing Snaps: November 21 – December 2

Welcome to another round of Snaps from the WooCommerce Store Editing team! 🎇

Every couple of weeks, we give an update on all of the work being done on WooCommerce Blocks from behind the scenes.

We’re still focusing on what was presented in the last Store Editing snaps. Let’s take a look at some highlights of what we’ve done since then.

Note that the linked #numbers that accompany each item below point to the relevant issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository.

What We’re Working On 🚧

Products Block (#6793)

The Products block (a rename from “Product Query” block) is a larger project that includes Product Archive Type Blocks, “Blockifying” the Product Archive templates (as a separate but related focus — see below), and Filter Block Compatibility.

Product Query: Polishing touches for the feature plugin debut (#7815)

In this update, we have moved the Products block out from under the experimental flag – it is now available in the Feature Plugin in v9.1.0! 🎉

Product Query: make sure request params are set when enhancing REST query (#7796)

This is follow-up from #7743, where we’ve circled back to correct additional errors on the editor side when the REST API request values would be unexpectedly empty.

Product Query: Add a better default pattern (#7833)

We’ve added a default Products pattern that includes the product category and rating to each product item in the list. You can see a before/after comparison in the linked Pull Request.

Refactor ProductQuery::merge_queries to accept multiple queries (#7697)

Here, we have refactored the ProductQuery::merge_queries method to accept multiple arguments, making merge_queries the “single source of truth” in merging queries for Product Query blocks.

Patterns (#7336 & #7624)

Patterns will be the primary way merchants customize the look and feel of their stores and will also be what themes can use for setting up good default experiences.

Make footer and header patterns available in pattern chooser (#7699)

We have made header and footer patterns available to the pattern selector for the respective templates in the Site Editor. There are now 6 WooCommerce patterns available!

Templates (#7639 & #7652)

While we’re continuing to work towards “blockifying” all of the Product Templates, our current focus is on the Product Archive templates.

Make Products by category/tag/attribute fallback to the Product catalog template (#7712)

In this update, we’ve set the Products by CategoryProducts by Tag, and Products by Attribute templates to fall back to the Product Catalog template if neither the theme nor the user has customized one of those three templates.

WooCommerce Blocks Releases ✨

Other Notable PRs / Issues ✅


Misc. Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Thanks for stopping by, see you in 2 weeks! 👋

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  1. Really looking forward to the blockified product page

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