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CSS SASS coding guidelines and naming conventions

Our guidelines are based on those used in Calypso which itself follows the BEM methodology. Refer to this doc for full details. There are a few differences in WooCommerce however which are outlined below;


As a WordPress plugin WooCommerce has to play nicely with WordPress core and other plugins / themes. To minimise conflict potential all classes should be prefixed with .woocommerce-.

Class names

Calypso is built in React and uses component names to formulate CSS class names. WooCommerce Core has none of these components so uses a more traditional BEM approach to naming classes.

When adding classes just remember;

  • Block – Standalone entity that is meaningful on its own.
  • Element – Parts of a block and have no standalone meaning. They are semantically tied to its block.
  • Modifier – Flags on blocks or elements. Use them to change appearance or behaviour.


  • .woocommerce-loop {} (block).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product {} (nested block).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product--sale {} (modifier).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__link {} (element).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__title {} (element).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__price {} (element).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__rating {} (element).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__button-add-to-cart {} (element).
  • .woocommerce-loop-product__button-add-to-cart--added {} (modifier).

Note: .woocommerce-loop-product is not the chosen classname because the block is nested within .woocommerce-loop. It’s to be specific so that we can have separate classes for single products, cart products etc. Nested blocks do not need to inherit their parents full name.

You can read more about BEM key concepts here.


Last updated: January 18, 2024