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Product Editor Guidelines – Dialogue Extensions (future feature)

Dialog extensions differ from other extensions as they are unrelated to any section or functionality within the product form. They can connect to third-party systems or come with complex interfaces that require a separate, focused experience.

Dialogs can have different sizes (small, medium, large, or custom) and trigger locations (text or icon button anywhere in the form or in the form’s top bar).

Dialog example

What they are for

  • Focused experiences that require taking over most of the screen
  • Advanced configuration and setup flows
  • Dedicated content embedded from a third-party service

What they aren’t for

  • Single-field features or simple settings screens
  • Small functionalities that could fit within the form
  • Onboarding experiences, product demos, and advertisements

Example use cases

  • Third-party fulfillment, warehousing, and accounting service integration
  • Robust image editing tool with complex interactions
  • Media-heavy knowledge base with plenty of videos and interactive tutorials

Last updated: April 09, 2024