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Product Editor Guidelines – Groups

The new product form consists of groups currently displayed as tabs. Each is a separate view and may contain any number of sections and subsections. All areas serve a specific purpose, allowing merchants to quickly find the information they’re looking for (both in default Woo features and extensions).

Product form groups

If a tab doesn’t contain any sections, it won’t be shown to merchants.

  • General: Essential product information, including the name, image, and description. This tab is also where key features live for non-standard product types: downloads, groups, links, etc.
  • Organization: This tab contains all the data used to organize and categorize product information: from categories to attributes. Best for extensions that provide new ways to describe products, e.g., product identifiers, statuses, special tags, etc.
  • Pricing: List price, sale price, and tax options. Best for extensions that allow merchants to set up additional payment methods (e.g., Subscriptions) or add advanced pricing schemes, like wholesale.
  • Inventory: Basic inventory settings and stock management options. Here merchants come to update the quantity at hand or mark the product as out of stock. Best for extensions that enable conditional inventory management, dropshipping options, or various restrictions.
  • Shipping: All the information merchants need to enter to present customers with accurate shipping rates at checkout. Best for physical product details that may impact shipping (e.g. capacity or volume), additional shipping carrier settings, or custom shipping options.
  • Variations: Contains variation options and product variations.

Custom product types manage the visibility of the default groups and add new ones. This is particularly useful if a custom product has a unique structure and requires extra information that isn’t included in the default groups.

Learn more about custom product types

Last updated: April 09, 2024