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Naming conventions


WooCommerce core generally follows WordPress PHP naming conventions. On top of that, function, class, and hook names should be prefixed. For functions the prefix is wc_, for classes is WC_ and for hooks is woocommerce_.

Function name examples:

  • wc_get_product()
  • wc_is_active_theme()

Class name examples:

  • WC_Breadcrumb
  • WC_Cart

Hook name examples (actions or filters):

  • woocommerce_after_checkout_validation
  • woocommerce_get_formatted_order_total

There are however some exceptions which apply to classes defined inside src/. Within this directory:

  • We do not use the WC_ prefix for class names (the prefix is not needed, because all of the classes in this location live within the AutomatticWooCommerce namespace)
  • Classes are named using the CamelCase convention (however, method names should still be underscore_separated)
  • Class files should match the class name and do not need the class- prefix (for example, the filename for the StringUtil class is StringUtil.php)


WooCommerce core follows WordPress JS naming conventions. As with PHP, function, class, and hook names should be prefixed, but the convention for JS is slightly different, and camelCase is used instead of snake_case. For functions, the prefix is wc, for classes is WC and for hooks is woocommerce.

Function name example:

  • wcSettings()

Class name example:

  • WCOrdersTable

Hook name example (actions or filters):

  • woocommerceTracksEventProperties


See CSS SASS coding guidelines and naming conventions.

Last updated: January 18, 2024