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Contribute to Woo

Interested in joining the Woo contributor community? The links in this doc summarize and direct you to the order of operations you will need to make your first contribution. If you are a seasoned WooCommerce developer, feel free to skip ahead and utilize the template links, or the reference docs and guides below.

Contributing to WooCommerce Core

The WooCommerce core plugin code can be found in our monorepo. Here you can contribute to:

Code of Conduct

Contributing to an open source project requires cooperation amongst individuals and organziations all working to make our project a stable and safe place to build and ask questions. Please thoroughly read our Code of Conduct to get familiar with our standards and processes.

Contributor Guidelines

Our contributor guidelines layout the first steps to contributing.

Templates, Bug Reports, and Feature Requests


Security and safety for data management are incredibly important to us at Woo. Please check out the Automattic security policy to learn about our foundational requirements.

Please report any vulnerabilities or security issues by reading through Woo’s security policy here.