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Product Editor Guidelines – Custom Product Types

Custom product types allow you to design a custom form and completely control its structure. They are convenient for extensions that enable merchants to create products from start to finish.

With custom product types, you can:

  • Add, hide, and reorder groups
  • Add and hide sections within a group
  • Add and hide subsections and fields
    • Includes core fields
    • Can be set up conditionally based on a custom field’s value

Custom product types include niche and specific use cases, such as bookings, tickets, gift cards, rentals, etc. Here’s when we suggest you should consider creating a custom product type:

  • Your extension consists of several different form sections scattered across several different tabs
  • Using just your extension, merchants can completely a product
  • You want to help merchants create products faster and automate some of their work

Last updated: January 18, 2024