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WooCommerce Git flow

For core development, we use the following structure and flow.

Git Flow WooCommerce uses for core development


  • Trunk is the branch for all development and should always be the target of pull requests.
  • Each major or minor release has a release branch e.g. release/3.0 or release/3.2. There are no release branches for patch releases.
  • Fixes are applied to trunk, and then cherry picked into the release branch if needed.
  • Tags get created from release branches when ready to deploy.

Branch naming

Prefixes determine the type of branch, and include:

  • fix/
  • feature/
  • add/
  • update/
  • release/

When creating a fix branch, use the correct prefix and the issue number. Example:



Alternatively you can summarise the change:



Last updated: April 09, 2024