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WooCommerce developer tools

This guide provides an overview of essential tools and libraries for WooCommerce development. It’s intended for developers looking to enhance their WooCommerce projects efficiently.

Productivity Tools

Use these resources to get a WooCommerce development environment up and running.


This is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installations and much more, without using a web browser.


This command-line tool lets you easily set up a local WordPress environment for building and testing plugins and themes. It’s simple to install and requires no configuration.


This is an ESLint plugin including configurations and custom rules for WooCommerce development.


This is a reusable and extensible end-to-end testing environment for WooCommerce extensions. Additionally, it contains several files to serve as the base for a Docker container and Travis CI setup.

WordPress Scripts

This is a collection of reusable scripts tailored for WordPress development.


Use these resources to help take some of the heavy lifting off of fetching and transforming data — as well as creating UI elements.

API Clients

WooCommerce REST API – JavaScript

The official JavaScript library for working with the WooCommerce REST API.


This is a utility to make WordPress REST API requests. It’s a wrapper around window.fetch that includes support for nonces, middleware, and custom fetch handlers.


WooCommerce Components

This package includes a library of React components that can be used to create pages in the WooCommerce admin area.

WordPress Components

This packages includes a library of generic WordPress components that can be used for creating common UI elements shared between screens and features of the WordPress dashboard.


CSV Export

A set of functions to convert data into CSV values, and enable a browser download of the CSV data.


A collection of utilities to display and work with currency values.


Utilities for managing the WooCommerce Admin data store.


A collection of utilities to display and work with date values.


A collection of navigation-related functions for handling query parameter objects, serializing query parameters, updating query parameters, and triggering path changes.


A collection of utilities to properly localize numerical values in WooCommerce.

Last updated: March 25, 2024