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Product Editor Guidelines – Subsections

Subsections add extra fields to existing form groups. They are small forms with a low to medium level of complexity. This interface location works best for extensions that add extra features that build off an existing Woo functionality.

Subsections example

What they are for

  • Relevant features that can be crucial to merchants’ product creation flow
  • 2-5 field forms with simple functionality, e.g., dimensions or tax settings
  • Lists of items, e.g., attachments, channels, or accounts

What they aren’t for

  • Simple extensions with 1-2 fields
  • Multi-step forms and complex tables
  • Read-only descriptions, setup guides, and advertisements


If you’re developing an extension that allows merchants to upload 360 images or videos, you could add it as a field or a button in the Images section in the General tab. This way, merchants can create the perfect product gallery without jumping between multiple tabs.

Other use cases include

  • Adding extra product details, e.g., measurements under Shipping
  • Setting up social channels in the Visibility section in the General tab
  • Changing the VAT tax settings in the Pricing tab

Last updated: April 09, 2024